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Central African Republic: EU launches its first multi-donor trust fund

The EU is about to launch its first ever multi-donor development trust fund, in support of the Central African Republic (CAR). With an initial amount of €64 million the fund creates an effective and coordinated international instrument to help the population of the country and contribute to its stabilisation. The EU trust fund for CAR “Bêkou” (which means “hope” in Sango, the country’s main language) will prepare the transition from emergency response, such as humanitarian aid, towards longer-term development assistance. It will contribute to the reconstruction of the country, in particular restoring the national and local administrations, re-establishing economic activity and essential services (such as electricity, transport, health and education) and stabilizing the country. Prior to the signing ceremony, Commissioner Piebalgs said: "The Central African Republic is experiencing an alarming humanitarian, political and security crisis that needs a realistic and pragmatic approach in helping the people of the country as effectively as possible. We must think and act outside the box, collectively, in order to link emergency management, rehabilitation and development solutions. Acting together, combining our funds, our expertise and respective strengths will allow us to achieve much more than working separately. I am particularly grateful that the French, German and Dutch governments have decided to establish this innovative fund with the Commission and invite other donors from the EU and the international community to join us." The activities will also focus on enabling neighbouring countries to overcome the consequences of the crisis in CAR.

Full Press release: IP/14/829 – translations available already


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