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Apontamentos históricos


"In spy lexicon, each of the major intelligence agencies working the Afghan jihad [nos anos 80] -- GID [serviços secretos sauditas], ISI [serviços secretos paquistaneses] and the CIA -- began to 'compartment' their work, even as all three collaborated with one another through formal liaisons. Working together they purchased and shipped to the Afghan rebels tens of thousands of tons of weapons and ammuniton. Separately they spied on one another and pursued independent political agendas. Howard Hart, the CIA station chief in Islamabad unitl 1984, regarded it as 'the worst kept secret in town' that the Saudis were privately running guns and cash to Sayyaf [líder guerrilheiro afegão]. 


The Saudis insisted that there be no interaction in Pakistan between the CIA and the GID. All such contact was to take place in Riyadh or Langley. GID tried to keep secret the subsidies it paid to the ISI outside of the arms-buying program. For their part, CIA officers tried to shield their own direct contacts with Afghan commanders such as Abdul Haq."


in "Ghost Wars" de Steve Coll (The Penguin Press, 2004)


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